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Our Story

Our story started in the year 2019, when SR founded the company. The objective was and still is to to work on problems that would have larger impact on people lives. Next logical step is to identify team, SR identified these two young Aero engineers from IIT- Hyderabad who believed in creating their own path. For the first few months, we were vigorously brainstorming deciding what problems to go after. After few months of research and on-ground surveys, we finally arrived at solving problems in the areas of Healthcare, Agriculture and Mapping, all these areas have huge impact on larger population. 

CrystalBall, a global start up company with its headquarters in California, US and offices in India. In India, we are incubated by IIT-Hyderbad for innovation, new technology and R&D purpose.

Our Team

This is our core team, feel free to reach out to any of them, they will be happy to talk to you about their work. 


WhatsApp Image 2022-06-16 at 8.26.56 PM.jpeg
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Sandeep Reddy (US)
Founder, USA

15 years of Analytics experience. Leads Strategy and Solutions. Big 4 Alumni.

Sai Raj (India)
Customers and Solutions

IIT Alumni, builds solutions and brings customers.

Vidya Sagar (India)
Products and Technology

IIT Alumni, builds drones, AI and Analytics solutions

Bhanu Prasad (India)
GIS and AI

IIT Alumni, builds AI and GIS solutions.

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