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An 'Insights Delivery' Company using Drones and AI

Hey,  Welcome!

We are working on some interesting problems having huge impact, using Drones and AI; 
explore us.  

We are solving problems in the areas of

  • Mapping & Survey

  • Agriculture

  • Surveillance and

  • Healthcare


Our Vision
Our vision is to be a disruptive aerial solution company, that believes in speed; impacting global population .

Our Timeline

We have been making progress. We started with team size of 2 , when we were doing free POC's and taking up service assignment of 2 Sq Km to winning tenders size of over 8000 Sq Km, and importantly becoming India's first mapping drone to be Type Certified. We are making progress.




Formed team

Built our first drone model - Model V

DGCA Approval

Started our services


India's first Mapping Drone Type Certified


Line Of Business

We are a drone start-up company, Our solutions includes Drones and AI. We
manufacture our drones and provide end-to-end services. We are the company with

India’s first Type Certified mapping drone

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