An 'Insights Delivery' Company using Drones and AI

We are solving problems in the areas of


  • Mapping & Survey

  • Agriculture

  • Surveillance and

  • Healthcare


Working on real-life problems worth solving

Hey,  Welcome!

We are working on some interesting problems having huge impact, using Drones and AI; explore us.  

Our Vision

We believe any impact begins with acting on time and any delay in decisions costs time, money and at times life too.  Crystall Ball wants to help taking such decisive and timely actions.

Hence, our vision is to become worlds fastest end-to-end aerial insights delivery company solving real-life problems using Drones, AI and Analytics.

Our Timeline

We have been making progress. We started with team size of 2 , when we were doing free POC's and taking up service assignment of 2 Sq Km to winning tenders size of over 8000 Sq Km, and importantly becoming India's first mapping drone to be Type Certified. We are making progress




Formed team

Built our first drone model - Model V

DGCA Approval

Started our services


India's first Mapping Drone Type Certified