• Sandeep Reddy

CrystalBall is a DGCA approved company

The drone industry in India took a massive hit when DGCA banned the use of civilian drones in Indian Airspaces back in August 2018. A year later, Crystalball began its journey towards making a multi-rotor drone that was DGCA compliant, incorporating all feature functionalities of the ‘No Permission, No Take-off’ module and ensuring that all requirements of the Digital Sky platform were being met.

The exponential growth of the drone industry has unfortunately been reflected in the number of drones flying illegally over Indian airspace today. This opens a scenario where drones could pose a threat to both national security and civilian safety, which makes it imperative for Indian manufacturers to take the few extra steps required to ensure that their technology conforms to prescribed standards and regulations of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Crystalball has always believed in innovation that pushed boundaries while staying within the rules of the book. The DCGA’s approval on Model V is a testament to that. Model V is a multirotor drone primarily designed for spraying in agricultural fields. The 10 month long process of working towards the goal of obtaining the DGCA approval has only reinforced our mission to work on problems close to our heart and closer to home while helping us forge our values of trust in the impact we make.

With Model V, we are proud to be the first company and first UAV in the Telugu speaking states to be branded as DGCA compliant.

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