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Model T

Tailored for training, with versatile payloads


Discover What Sets Us Apart

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Ready, Resilient, Rapid

Model T is easy to assemble, ready for flight in less than 5 minutes and able to stay airborne for an impressive 60 minutes per charge.

Sharp Details for Versatile Scenes

Equipped with a 24 MP camera with PPK, our drone is ready for intricate mapping training. It also houses a 4K camera for high-quality surveillance training. The best part? You can easily swap these cameras, thanks to our custom-designed mounts.

Rugged and Durable

IP54 Rated for robust performance in challenging conditions

High Agility

Achieves speeds upto 10m/s

Know What's Under The Hood

Technical Specifications
Max Weight: 3.300 kg
Endurance: 60 min
Status: To be launched
Operational Speed: 10 m/s
Payloads: ADTI 26 MP; FPV Camera
Wind Resistance: 8 m/s
Range: VLOS
Applications: Training; Mapping
High Level Features
  • Intuitive Ground Control Software
  • Quick Release Propellers
  • Night Flying
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